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Basquiat x Warhol

New York November 1st to January 7th, 2024

  • Installation view at The Brant Foundation New York
  • Installation view
  • Installation view

Basquiat and Warhol occupied two distinct spaces in New York’s 1980s art scene. After their formal introduction in 1982 at Warhol’s Factory, the two would meet regularly, working on multiple monumental canvases at once, resulting in over 160 collaborative works created in the short period of from late 1983 to 1985. This enthusiastic exchange of energy is exemplified in their paintings, which illustrate a back and forth that is both tense and complimentary. The paintings are rife with both artists’ unique iconographies: Warhol’s screen-printed advertisements and cultural symbols are effaced by Basquiat’s iconic figures and signs; newspaper headlines included by Warhol are obscured and rewritten by Basquiat; scenes painted in Basquiat’s conceptual Neo-Expressionist style are joined by Warhol’s precise appropriations of brand logos. The artists also influenced each other: Warhol at times returned to his painterly beginnings, and Basquiat increased his use of the silkscreen-printing technique.

“In their collaboration, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol came together and opened new ideas and spaces of thought that mirror both our present time as well as the past and future. The results are brilliant artworks that continue to have an impact in our own time as they appear to address pressing and highly relevant contemporary topics such as racism and consumerism. Their collaboration was a unique project and probably one of the greatest and most enduring in all of art history,” says Dr. Buchhart.

Peter M. Brant would like to extend a special thank you to Tony Shafrazi, not only for his advice and support of this exhibition, but also in recognition of his pivotal role in bringing these two artists together, most notably in his 1985 exhibition at Tony Shafrazi Gallery.

This exhibition is an initiative of the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris and has benefited from the collaboration between the Fondation Louis Vuitton and The Brant Foundation. 

The Brant Foundation extends its gratitude towards its Lead Exhibition Partner, American Express Platinum. Art is a passion point for American Express Platinum Card® Members, and through the company’s By Invitation Only® program they will have access to an exclusive two-day ticket pre-sale starting September 22, 2023, Platinum-only time slots for the entire run and special VIP access, including the exhibition opening, a private tour, and curator-led panel. To learn more click here.

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