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The Brant Foundation is proud to offer a multitude of ongoing programs and events aimed to enhance and enrich the public’s experience with contemporary art. Our programs, ranging from specialized classroom workshops to a compelling lecture series, are devised to increase art accessibility and promote art appreciation. Collectively, these programs are designed to facilitate art education, foster creative and scholarly development, and provide unique opportunities for anyone with an interest in contemporary art.


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These art activities and games are inspired by The Brant Foundation’s exhibitions and are designed to encourage children to have fun learning about contemporary art while fostering creative development.  Click on each section to learn more and view related links.  


Lecture Series

The Brant Foundation Lecture Series, established in 2013, offers opportunities for individuals to hear directly from some of the most influential voices in the art world today.  The lectures, designed to coincide with The Brant Foundation’s exhibitions, are held in conjunction with art institutions and schools in the surrounding area, expanding the forum for discourse across a variety of platforms and venues. Lectures are open to the public and free of charge.



The Brant Foundation’s library program was established in 2009 to facilitate the appreciation and understanding of contemporary art and to advance our mission of promoting arts education. As both a museum and study center, the Foundation’s library serves as a crucial resource for students, scholars, and educators by providing access to a unique collection of hard-to-find materials. After noticing the difficulties of obtaining contemporary art publications, typically as a result of rarity or expense, the Foundation was inspired to make efforts to broaden their holdings and increase accessibility to the public. By reaching out to the surrounding arts community for help, the Foundation has accumulated an actively growing, rich collection of contemporary art books. With the contributions from the many organizations and institutions that share our vision, the public gains access to a wider range of materials used for the scholarly study and examination of contemporary art. Housing over 1,000 volumes – from exhibition catalogs and artist monographs to art criticism texts and periodicals – the library reflects the Foundation’s collection and admiration of contemporary art. Because of the rarity and value of the materials, our library is non-circulating, but we welcome and encourage the public to make use of the study center during operating hours. Please contact to make an appointment to visit The Brant Foundation's library.


Loan Program

Established in 1996, The Brant Foundation’s loan program plays a crucial role in our mission to promote education and appreciation of contemporary art. The Foundation’s lending program increases public accessibility to the collection’s paramount pieces – broadening visibility to contemporary works critical to the history of art and its scholarship. Each year, the Foundation lends artwork to exhibiting venues worldwide, proudly supporting artists and art institutions around the globe. Please contact Allison Brant or Zoe Larson for Loan Inquiries.



The Brant Foundation is dedicated to promoting arts education among individuals of all ages. Through extensive programming with partnering institutions, it is our goal to provide unique and exciting experiences that encourage creative thinking and contribute to developing deeper understandings of contemporary art.  The Brant Foundation works closely with partnering institutions in order to provide learning experiences that are intriguing and intellectually stimulating and to encourage individuals to use the foundation as a resource.

Internship Program

The Brant Foundation's Internship Program provides hands-on opportunities for high school and college students, recent graduates, and young professionals looking to gain experience working in the arts. Our internship program is unique in that it is designed around the individual’s specific areas of interest, academic background, skill-set, and career goals. Rather than being assigned to a single department or project, interns have the option to focus on a particular area of interest or participate in crossover training across a wide range of responsibilities. Areas of focus include: docent work (required), graphic design, social media and marketing, art handling, research and writing, and educational outreach. The objective of the internship program is to offer motivated individuals the opportunity to learn the professional skills and museum training necessary for a career in the arts.


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