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Rob Pruitt’s 50th Birthday Bash Exhibition Announcement

May 8th, 2015

The Brant Foundation is pleased to announce Rob Pruitt’s 50th Birthday Bash, a solo exhibition of works by Rob Pruitt, on view through September 2015.

“I’m having a show at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center – and it’s my 50th birthday! I feel a certain warmth at the thought of these two events coinciding this May. The invitation to show my work in the beautiful converted barn on The Brant Foundation property is so appealing to me as I’ve admired Peter’s collecting since my days as a wee art handler at the Sonnabend Gallery where I remember Peter coming into look at the latest Koonses. Since then, his collection has grown to include the work of friends whom I admire greatly, and I’ve been happy and proud to be able to say that some of my own works have entered that company… But I digress. What I really want to say is that I’m excited by the opportunity to present my work in a space that is not another anonymous white cube. One might look through the Study Center’s windows and see the family’s horses in the surrounding fields. Just across the street sits a house where Brant kids do homework and holidays are celebrated. It’s not a typical institution but a thoughtful succession of rooms with a palpable connection to a real family. These rooms have already begun to develop their own legacy through the shows that have come before me, and they reflect the connoisseurship of a family I’ve grown quite fond of.” – Rob Pruitt

Rob Pruitt’s 50th Birthday Bash Exhibition Page