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Free Arts Day with Urs Fischer

The Brant Foundation Greenwich September 14th, 2019

Free Arts Day with Urs Fischer

Hosted by The Brant Foundation 

I learned if you make mistakes they’re art too.” -Robert, Age 5

Each year, Free Arts NYC brings 100 underserved youth from New York City to Greenwich, CT, for a day of art-making hosted by The Brant Foundation.  The Brant Foundation is honored to continue its partnership with Free Arts NYC — an organization that shares its belief in the power of the arts to effect positive change.

Join us for the 5th annual Free Arts Day hosted by The Brant Foundation.  Volunteers will be paired 1-on-1 with an elementary-aged child for a day of art-making and mini-mentoring.  After a guided tour of the current exhibition with the artist, Error by Urs Fischer, you and your buddy will create art projects inspired by the works on display.  A pizza lunch will be provided.

Once the kids depart for the day, we invite you to join us for refreshments on The Brant Foundation’s porch.

Support provided by J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Support provided by J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Learn more about Free Arts Days at The Brant Foundation

About Free Arts NYC

Free Arts NYC empowers underserved youth through arts and mentoring programs to develop their creativity, confidence, and skills to succeed.

Free Arts Days are a unique volunteer opportunity that pairs underserved elementary-aged youth 1 on 1 with volunteers for an afternoon of “mini-mentoring.” While working together to create art projects based on the day’s theme, participants are able to create meaningful connections with someone they might not otherwise meet.

At a Free Arts Day, our youth have the opportunity to develop their creativity and communication skills with a caring adult and to explore a variety of art materials and techniques.

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