Past Exhibition

  • Jordan Wolfson

Female Figure

New York October 12th to December 23rd, 2022

Jordan Wolfson: Female Figure opens to the public on October 12, 2022 at The Brant Foundation’s New York space. 


PRESS RELEASE East Village, New York City— The Brant Foundation is pleased to present Jordan Wolfson’s (Female Figure), 2014, at its East Village location. Last exhibited in New York City in 2014, this technologically complex sculpture will be on view at the Foundation’s historic building starting October 12th, housed in a new artwork-specific room.

Wolfson is well known for his powerful and unsettling artworks that examine the conditions of contemporary life. Pulling from a variety of sources, including advertising, the internet, and technology industries, the artist explores difficult and ambitious narratives. The questions he interrogates are numerous: How is information and imagery understood? What is the role of fetishization in art? How does technology infiltrate our perception of the world? These queries are decidedly left unanswered by the artist; Wolfson’s animated figures speak for themselves.

(Female Figure) combines film, installation and performance into an animatronic figure. As the sculpture gracefully dances to blaring pop-music, the whirrs and creaks from the figure’s joints remind the viewer of its technological construction. Simultaneously, Wolfson’s voice projects from the figure: the phrase, “My mother is dead, my father is dead, I’m gay, I’d like to be a poet, this is my house,” and the command to “Tell them touch is love,” are just two examples of the disorienting voiceover. There is no way to avoid sculpture’s narration nor gaze. (Female Figure) creates a different kind of viewing experience that inherently incorporates the viewer into the troubling and provoking performance of the sculpture. Here, it is the agitating tension between subject and object that truly encapsulates Wolfson’s immersive installation.

Roboticist: Mark Setrakian

Operator: Aaron Hartnet
Lindsey Blaufarb
Craig Hollamon


Jordan Wolfson (Female Figure), 2014

Photography: Tom Powel Imaging

Jordan Wolfson (Female Figure), 2014

Photography: Tom Powel Imaging