Bronxville High School Art History Award

Greenwich June 17th, 2016

The Brant Foundation Art Study Center is proud to partner with Bronxville High School each year to present a student with the Art History Award.

This award is presented to a student who has achieved a high level of scholarship in the arts. The recipient demonstrates a passion and energy in the arts that is recognized by both the staff at The Brant Foundation along with Bronxville High School teachers.

The Brant Foundation Art History Award is presented with a gift from the Foundation along with the opportunity to intern at the Brant Foundation to help launch the recipient’s career in the arts.

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Lucy Rizzo - 2018 Recipient

Lucy Rizzo is a freshman at the College of the Holy Cross where she is pursuing a dual major in Political Science and Studio Art. Lucy was the 2018 recipient of The Brant Foundation Art Study Center Art History Award and began her internship in June of 2019. At Bronxville, Lucy took both AP Studio and AP Art History courses, streamlining both these interests into her studies at Holy Cross during the academic year as well as a Summer Study Abroad Course in Paris. Lucy hopes to continue pursuing a career in the arts after graduation.

Maia Carpentieri - 2017 Recipient

Currently, Maia is a freshman at Penn State University. She is an Art History Major in the College of Arts and Architecture and is pursuing a Graphic Design Minor in the Stuckman School. At Bronxville High School, Maia was a dedicated art and art history student and took both AP Art Studio and AP Art History.  Maia will begin her internship at The Brant Foundation in the summer of 2018.
  • 2016 Recipient of the Bronxville High School Art History Award

Lain Miller - 2016 Recipient

Lain Miller is studying Art History and Art Management at the Texas Christian University. She graduated from Bronxville High School in the spring of 2016 where she was awarded the Art History Award. During her senior year at Bronxville High School, Lain focused on future career possibilities in the art world. She interned at Objects an Images, a local gallery in her hometown of Bronxville, New York. She also shadowed a local Designer, Boo Gemes, whom she has been employed by for the past two years working as her sales associate and model. Lain will begin her internship at The Brant Foundation in the summer of 2017.

Olivia Samios - 2015 Recipient

Olivia Samios is studying Art History at Wesleyan University. She was inspired to follow this path after she was awarded The Brant Foundation Art Study Center Art History award in 2015. Olivia participated in The Brant Foundation’s internship program during Jonathan Horowitz’s exhibition, Occupy Greenwich. Throughout the internship, Olivia learned pertinent social and professional skills by working with children and leading tours at the foundation. Olivia enjoys visiting art museums, galleries, working on school magazines, and reading. Olivia is looking forward to continuing her involvement in the art world.

  • 2014 recipient of the Bronxville High School Art History Award

Madisen Lewis - 2014 Recipient

Madisen Lewis is majoring in Art History and Communications Studies at the University of Michigan. Madisen has spent two summers at The Brant Foundation after receiving the Art History Award in 2014. Madisen began her internship at The Brant Foundation in 2015, assisting with the installation and exhibition materials for Rob Pruitt’s 50th Birthday Bash, as well as leading tours of the exhibition. Madisen returned in 2016 to continue her internship throughout Jonathan Horowitz’s exhibition, Occupy Greenwich. Through the Brant Foundation internship, she was able to develop interpersonal communication skills, as well as becoming deeply involved in the contemporary art world. Her favorite part as an intern was the opportunity to lead tours for local school groups and summer camps. She enjoys attending exhibits at the University of Michigan’s art museum, writing, and traveling. This year, Madisen was selected to participate in a semester abroad in Milan, Italy, which will focus on contemporary Italian artists.

Amanda Austi - 2013 Recipient

Amanda Austi is a senior at the Johns Hopkins University, where she double majors in Economic and International Studies, and holds a minor in Financial Economics. She is captain of the women’s Varsity tennis team and a member of Phi Mu sorority. After the Brant Foundation, Amanda went into finance. She has accepted an offer to join Credit Suisse where she will be an investment banking analyst after she graduates this spring.