Library: Julian Schnabel

New York September 18th, 2021

This library selection is inspired by Julian Schnabel’s exhibition, Self-Portraits of Others, on view at The Brant Foundation’s New York space (September – December 2021).

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Julian Schnabel (Taschen)

Julian Schnabel makes art out of life. He uses everyday materials in paintings that carry a rich sense of history, he directs movies that paint portraits of artists and other heroes, and he builds his own dream of a Venetian palace in New York. This oversize limited-edition book, made in close collaboration with the artist, is the first to feature his work in all media and offers the most generous opportunity to experience Schnabel’s art outside of meeting it in person.

Julian Schnabel: New Plate Paintings

This publication accompanied the exhibition Julian Schnabel: New Plate Paintings at Pace Gallery, New York, February 24 — March 25, 2017.

Julian Schnabel Plate Paintings 1978—1997

This catalogue was published on the occasion of Julian Schnabel: Plate Paintings 1978—1997 at PaceWildenstein, New York, April 22—June 5, 1999.

Published by PaceWildenstein

ISBN: 1-878283-86-3

Julian Schnabel

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition Julian Schnabel: The Kabuki Paintings at The Pace Gallery, New York, October 31–November 29, 1986.

Published by Pace Gallery.

Text by Wilfried Dickhoff

37 pages


CVJ: nicknames of maitre D's & other excerpts from life

Published by Hatje Cantz in 1987

228 pages

Texts by Julian Schnabel and Petra Gilroy-Hirtz

Julian Schnabel

Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. in 2003

368 pages

Texts by Julian Schnabel