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Resources for Talking to Children about Race & Racism

The Brant Foundation June 17th, 2020

The Brant Foundation stands in solidarity with those fighting for racial equality and social justice. We pledge to support our communities and learn with our peers on ways to combat racism.

Here you will find a growing list of resources for talking to children about race and racism.



JUNETEENTH – By Beatrice Alvarez
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PBS for Parents – Talking to Children Authentically about Race and Racism
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PBS for Parents – 13 Children’s Books About Race and Diversity
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PBS for Parents – How Black Art Can Spark Conversations with Children
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PBS Teachers Lounge – A Call to Action for White Educators Who Seek to Be Anti-Racist
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PBS Learning Media – Confronting Anti-Black Racism
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Talking Race with Young Children

Even babies notice differences like skin color, eye shape and hair texture. Here’s how to handle conversations about race, racism, diversity and inclusion, even with very young children.



What does it mean to be anti-racist and how should adults talk to kids about race and racism? NPR’s Noel King talks to children’s author Renee Watson and anti-racism scholar Ibram Kendi.


wander + wonder by Lucy Song

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Visit the linktree page for free downloads, additional resources, and ways to support anti-racism.

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The Conscious Kid

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“We are an 501c3 educational nonprofit that equips parents and educators with tools they can use to support racial identity development, critical literacy, and equitable practices in their homes and classrooms. We use critical race theory (which is intersectional) to navigate how issues of race impact young children and their identity development. Most of our work takes place off-line and is focused on critical media literacy research, teaching, advocacy, and increasing access to books that center marginalized groups through our book-of-the-month subscriptions and children’s lending library.”

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