Reimagine Jeff Koons’ Puppy for a chance to win a limited edition Puppy beach towel and $25 gift certificate to The Brant Foundation Shop!

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Puppy Snack Bags
Mixed media made from snack bags, plastic bags and packing tape
45 x 23 inches

Rising 43 feet from its paws to its ears, Jeff Koons’ Puppy is formed from a series of stainless steel armatures constructed to hold over 25 tons of soil watered by an internal irrigation system. Over 70,000 multi-hued flowering plants grow from this steel and soil structure, including marigolds, begonias, impatiens, petunias, and lobelias. First created in 1992 for a temporary exhibition in the German city of Arolson, Puppy—a symbol, according to Koons, of “love, warmth and happiness”—embodies the artist’s sculptural imagination. (Public Art Fund)

Using the materials of your choice, create your own version of Puppy. Your artwork can take on any form (painting, sculpture, poem, etc.) that expresses your interpretation of this monumental sculpture. Submissions will be judged based on creativity, execution, inventiveness.

Deadline (extended!)

June 15, 2020


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The winner of the Puppy Contest will be contacted by June 22 and will receive a limited edition Puppy beach towel (56 x 70 inches) and $25 gift certificate to The Brant Foundation Shop.