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Deliverance Exhibition Announcement

November 10th, 2014


The Brant Foundation Art Study Center is pleased to announce Deliverance, a generational exhibition of American artists Larry Clark, Cady Noland, Richard Prince and Christopher Wool, focusing on their work from the late 1970s through the mid-1990s.

Deliverance Exhibition Page

Through an expansive selection of photography, painting, sculpture, film, and mixed-media installations, Deliverance explores the work of an iconic group of New York artists who emerged during a distinct moment in American history – one marked by a growing skepticism of political and economic systems as well as a “crisis of confidence” that wounded the American spirit.  Drawing upon artistic explorations of mass media popularized in the 1960s and 1970s, Clark, Noland, Prince and Wool developed incisive artistic vernaculars that exposed the underbelly of American culture.  Their works engage with themes of sexuality, power, censorship, authenticity and the influence of mass media with unmatched candor and continue to influence artistic practice and dialogues worldwide.

Deliverance features some of the most significant works from each artist’s oeuvre, including: Tulsa (1971) and Teenage Lust (1983) by Larry Clark; Cheap & Fast (1989) and Cowboy with Holes, Eating (1990) by Cady Noland; Spiritual America (1983), Live Free or Die (1985-86) and selections from the Cowboy and Girlfriend series by Richard Prince; Fuckem (1992) and Apocalypse Now (1998) by Christopher Wool; among others. The exhibiting artists are unified not only by the timeframe in which they came of age, but by the immeasurable influence they have had on the generation that has succeeded them. A consequential bridge in the institution’s exhibition program, Deliverance continues the Brant Foundation’s commitment to presenting artists who have made singular contributions to the development of contemporary art.