Past Event

Francesco Clemente Exhibition Opening

The Brant Foundation November 11th, 2018

  • Christopher Walken, Francesco Clemente
  • Alba Clemente, Francesco Clemente
  • Francesco Clemente, Julian Schnabel, Louise Kugelberg

On November 11, 2018, Francesco Clemente’s exhibition Works 1978-2018 opened at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, CT.  The exhibition will be on view through March 2019.  Visit the exhibition page to schedule your visit!

Press Release:

During this time, Clemente created hundreds of works on paper in various sizes, and established his practice of working in series. One such series included in this exhibition is the Pondicherry Pastels (1979– 80), a group of 82 small works on paper depicting his daily life in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The exhibition will also feature Clemente’s definitive series, The Red Book (1989), created during the artist’s time in Orissa during this period. The series comprises 18 watercolors on handmade paper, celebrating the permanence of female power Clemente witnessed in the Indian and Tantric traditions.

Throughout his life, Clemente has returned to the theme of self-portraiture. The artist has portrayed himself as an ageless presence, at times twisted in difficult and improbable positions, at others seated peacefully in contemplation. Rejecting a psychological reading of his self-portraits, Clemente sees them as a meditation on the Buddhist view of the self as “continuity of discontinuity.” Francesco Clemente: Works 1978–2018 will include Self Portrait with Bird (1980) alongside portraits of Clemente’s artist and poet friends.

His most recent work includes a series of paintings on canvas (2015-16) featuring hearts and white flags, two of which are included in the exhibition. In one, Clemente embraces the white flag as a symbol of surrender as it pierces a striking image of a heart being picked apart, or maybe being restored to its integrity, by a flock of sparrows. In the second, a white flag rises from a sinking boat filled with hearts and surrounded by more boats carrying children’s toys, a Noah’s ark of innocence and love lost.

In addition to the recent flag works, The Brant Foundation will install a 12-foot by 18-foot tent made in 2013, fabricated in India by local tentmakers, with the inside walls and ceiling painted by Clemente. Each of Clemente’s tents is an inhabitable painting, which may be entered and experienced in the way of a contemporary chapel.

The tent on view will be surrounded by 15 of the artist’s recent watercolors painted in collaboration with miniature painters in Jodhpur. One set evokes a narrative of creation and origin in the form of an abstract, primeval egg surrounded by people, angels, animals, forests and cities painted in gold on blue in traditional miniature styles. Another set features a recurring image of a theater stage, red and pink curtains framing scenarios of fragility, chaos and loss, depicted in sensual and fluid colors.

About the Artist:

Francesco Clemente is a contemporary artist who is known for exploring metaphysical questions of spirituality, mysticism, and the nature of the self. Often erotic, and at times violent in its subject matter, Clemente’s lyrical, emotional approach is expressed by his unique sense of color. Strongly influenced by literature and poetry, Clemente is a poet in his own right, with a vast lexicon of symbolic and metaphorical imagery that expands and transforms to tell an open-ended story.


  • Urs Fischer, Julian Schnabel, Louise Kugelberg
  • Francesco Clemente, Mary Boone
  • Allison Brant, Francesco Clemente
  • Sheena Wagstaff, Jeffrey Deitch
  • Garo Armen, Tony Shafrazi, Alice Armen
  • Stephanie Seymour Brant
  • Josh Smith, Megan Lang
  • Jackie Blum, Irving Blum
  • Alba Clemente, Vincent Fremont

  • Mr. and Mrs. Fremont
  • Francesco Clemente
  • Fran Lebowitz
  • Kelly Brant
  • Peter Brant II
  • Allison Brant, Kelly Brant
  • Alba Clemente, Nina Clemente
  • Simon de Pury
  • Vajra Kingsley, Harry Brant

  • Paige Powell, Eric Shiner
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  • Alba Clemente
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