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Free Arts Day with Jonathan Horowitz

The Brant Foundation October 1st, 2016

The Brant Foundation is pleased to announce Free Arts Day with Jonathan Horowitz, the third annual Free Arts Day at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, CT.

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, over 100 children from New York’s Department of Homeless Services will travel to Greenwich, CT for a Free Arts Day with Jonathan Horowitz, hosted by The Brant Foundation in collaboration with Horowitz, whose exhibition Occupy Greenwich will be on view and serve as a point of inspiration for the days activities. The program is part of Free Art NYC’s Free Art Days initiative to combat the negative effects of poverty through the positive effects of arts education and mentoring. As studies continuously reveal, children involved in the arts are more likely to attend college, retain employment, and maintain meaningful personal relationships.

The Brant Foundation is honored to continue its ongoing partnership with Free Arts NYC – an organization that shares their same belief in the power of the arts to affect positive change. Previous editions of The Brant Foundation Free Arts Day included Rob Pruitt in 2015 and Dan Colen in 2014.

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Jonathan Horowitz Inspired Free Arts Day at The Brant Foundation

Our 3rd Annual Free Arts Day at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center with guest artist Jonathan Horowitz. The kids and their mentors had the opportunity to meet the artist and view his exhibition before creating their own art inspired by his work.

  • Carolee McKay
  • Michael Lazar
  • Alec Madoff
  • Felicitas Brant
  • Jonathan Horowitz
  • Jonathan Horowitz
  • Emily Mcelwreath