Past Event

Joe Bradley, Oscar Tuazon, & Michael Williams Exhibition Opening

The Brant Foundation May 13th, 2018

  • Michael Williams, Barbara Gladstone
  • Peter Brant, Eva Presenhuber
  • Oscar Tuazon, Joe Bradley, Geneva Jann-Lewis, Roland Augustine

Joe Bradley, Oscar Tuazon, Michael Williams exhibition opening at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center on May 13, 2018.  Works by Bradley, Tuazon, & Williams will be on view through September 2018.  Visit the exhibition page to schedule your tour.

JOE BRADLEY (b. 1975)

Joe Bradley’s protean oeuvre is built on a diverse, curated visual language. Though always squarely in the realm of painting, Bradley’s series vary wildly in formal and aesthetic qualities. From the “modular” shaped canvases of pristine color fields tapped from the minimal canon, to rudimentary line drawings on found cardboard and post-its, to saturated, unprimed canvases, unceremoniously stitched together, Bradley’s evocations of exalted and disposable culture lend equivalency to the discrete elements as they champion the materials of their making.

OSCAR TUAZON (b. 1975)

Engaging different methods of construction, Oscar Tuazon frequently uses wood, concrete, glass, steel, and piping as materials to create his structures and installations. His works have roots in minimalism, conceptualism, and architecture, and have a direct relationship with both the site in which they are presented, as well as with their viewer, often through physical engagement.


Michael Williams (born 1978 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania) is an American painter. Having spent 15 years living in New York, he currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2000 with a BFA in sculpture. His richly layered paintings incorporate a range of media, imagery, painting styles and techniques. Often juxtaposing figurative and abstract forms, while employing a range of styles, Williams’s works consistently examine the nature, boundaries of, and tensions within the painted surface.

  • Michael Williams, Oscar Tuazon, Dorothée Perret
  • Michael Williams, Allison Brant, Joe Bradley, Oscar Tuazon
  • Casey Paul, Joe Bradley, Stephanie Seymour, Roland Augustine

  • Spencer Sweeney
  • Lawrence Luhring
  • Sarah Braman
  • Allison Brant, Hanna Liden, Meghan Gragg
  • Daniel Birnbaum, Joe Bradley
  • Nate Lowman, Peter Brant, Joe Bradley
  • Stephanie Seymour, Tony Shafrazi
  • David Salle, Peter Brant
  • JiaJia Fei, Antwaun Sargent

  • Lisa Rosen, Adam McEwen, Walter Robinson
  • Brian Belott, Chris Martin, Joe Bradley
  • Sandra Marinopoulos, Panos Marinopoulos, Michael Williams, Eva Presenhuber
  • Melissa Bley, Ken Griffin, Ed Freedman, Peter Brant
  • Vincent Fremont, Shelly Fremont
  • Allison Brant, Dylan Brant
  • Zachary Model, Spencer Sweeney
  • Casey Fremont

  • Milford Graves Band
  • Milford Graves Band
  • Milford Graves Band
  • Stephanie Seymour, Val Kilmer
  • Jim Berkus, Joshua Roth, Ria Berkus
  • Dorothee Perret, Liz Craft
  • Stephanie Seymour, Peter Brant
  • Mariana Castro, George Venizelos
  • Paul Schimmel, Allison Brant

  • Allison Brant, Per Skarstedt
  • Enoc Perez, Josh Roth
  • Lucretia Zappi, Lawrence Luhring, Peter Brant
  • Allison Brant, Ryan Audet
  • Christopher Brant, Felicitas Brant
  • Oscar Tuazon, Dorothée Perret
  • Olga Sorokina, Polina Proshkina
  • Harry Brant, Astrid Blumgren
  • Katherine Bernhardt, Stacy Engman, Job Piston