Past Event

Nate Lowman I Wanted to Be an Artist but All I Got Was This Lousy Career Opening

The Brant Foundation November 12th, 2012

  • Peter Brant, Stephanie Seymour
  • Nate Lowman
  • Gang Gang Dance (Performance)

November 12, 2012 – Nate Lowman I Wanted to Be an Artist but All I Got Was This Lousy Career Opening reception at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center.  This solo exhibition of works by Nate Lowman is on view through April 2013.

About Nate Lowman

Nate Lowman was born in Las Vegas in 1979.
Lowman lives and works in New York City, NY.

Since Lowman’s first solo show “THE END. And Other American Pastimes” at Maccarone, New York, in 2005, he has exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, and Palazzo Grassi, Venice. Lowman has had four institutional one-person shows – “Axis of Praxis” (2006, Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, MN), “The Natriot Act” (2009, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo), “I Wanted To Be An Artist But All I Got Was This Lousy Career” (2012, Brant Foundation Art Study Center, Greenwich, CT), and “America Sneezes” (2015, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, TX) – and continues to exhibit frequently in the US and abroad.

Nate Lowman I Wanted to Be an Artist but All I Got Was This Lousy Career Exhibition Page

  • Maria Arena Bell, Stefan Edlis, Nora Halpern, Bill Bell, Gael Neeson
  • Tony Shafrazi
  • Nate Lowman, Jamie Pallot
  • Brandon Crowe, Casey Fremont Crowe
  • Stephanie Seymour
  • Johan Lindeberg, Blue Lindeberg
  • Nate Lowman, Karen Kilimnik
  • Hanna Liden, Clara Liden
  • Richard Prince
  • David Altmejd
  • Bob Colacello
  • Stellan Holm
  • Brendan Dugan, Ellen Langan
  • Terry Richardson, Audrey Gelman
  • Knight Landesman, Peter Brant
  • Libbie Mugrabi, David Mugrabi
  • Emily Mcelwreath, Zoe Larson, Allison Brant
  • Angela Kunicky, Adam Bailey
  • Yvonne Force
  • Kalup Linzy
  • Peter Brant, Gavin Brown
  • Anthony Haden-Guest, Sara Fitzmaurice
  • Scott Campbell
  • Brian Sawyer, Ann Dexter-Jones
  • Diana Widmaier-Picasso, Jeffrey Deitch
  • Leo Fitzpatrick
  • Maria Arena Bell, Bill Bell
  • Nadine Johnson
  • Allison Brant, Nate Lowman, Peter Brant
  • Dan Colen
  • Fiona Byrne
  • Joanne Ziello, Richard Ziello
  • Alberto "Tico" Mugrabi, Jose Mugrabi
  • Dan Ragone
  • Lotti Fischer, Urs Fischer, Cassandra Mcleod
  • Stephanie LaCava, Elizabeth Gilpin
  • Gang Gang Dance (Performance)
  • Anthony Haden-Guest, Svetlana Uspenskaya, Robert Farrell