Past Event

Jonathan Horowitz Occupy Greenwich Opening

The Brant Foundation May 8th, 2016

  • Andrew Hamilton, Shane Ackroyd
  • Jonathan Horowitz
  • Klaus Biesenbach, Dayana Tamendarova

May 8, 2016 – Jonathan Horowitz Occupy Greenwich Opening reception at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center.  This solo exhibition of Horowitz’s work is on view through September 2016.

About Jonathan Horowitz

Since the early 1990s, Jonathan Horowitz has made art that combines the imagery and ambivalence of Pop art with the engaged criticality of conceptualism. Often based in both popular commercial and art historical sources, his work in video, sculpture, painting and photography examines the deep-seated links between consumerism and political consciousness, as well as the political silences of postwar art. Recent painting projects have explored the personal psychology of mark making, at times, prominently employing the hands of others.  Solo exhibitions include Occupy Greenwich (Brant Foundation, Connecticut, 2016),Your Land/My Land: Election ’12, presented concurrently at seven museums across the US (from the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles to the New Museum, New York, 2012); Minimalist Works from the Holocaust Museum (Dundee Contemporary Arts, Scotland, 2010-11); Apocalypto Now (Museum Ludwig, Cologne, 2009); and the retrospective exhibition, And/Or, (P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, 2009). Horowitz lives and works in New York.

Jonathan Horowitz Occupy Greenwich Exhibition Page

  • Stephanie Seymour, Harry Brant
  • Rob Pruitt, Peter Brant
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