Past Event

Urs Fischer Exhibition Opening

The Brant Foundation Greenwich May 12th, 2019

  • Larry Gagosian, Allison Brant, Urs Fischer, Bill Bell
  • Urs Fischer, Peter Brant
  • Dylan Brant, Alberto Mugrabi, Colby Mugrabi

The Brant Foundation Art Study Center is pleased to present ERROR, a solo exhibition of works by Urs Fischer from the last two decades. Featuring some of the artist’s most notable large-scale sculptures and paintings from the Brant Collections, ERROR celebrates The Brant Foundation’s 10th anniversary at its Greenwich space with Urs Fischer, the first artist to present a solo exhibition at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center in 2010.

Urs Fischer: Error Exhibition Page

  • Adam Lindemann, Jeanette Hayes, Borna Sammak
  • Stephanie Seymour
  • Megan Lang, Josh Smith, Harry Brant
  • Cassandra McCloud
  • Katia Teper, Meir Teper, Vanessa Hessler, Gianni Nunnari
  • Peter Brant
  • Marilyn Fields, Adam Fields, Larry Fields
  • Kelly Brant
  • Dan Colen

  • Philae Knight, Gael Neeson, Stefan Edlis
  • Felicitas Brant, Christopher Brant
  • Spencer Sweeney
  • Colby Mugrabi, Alberto Mugrabi
  • Taylor McKimens, Adam Green, Yasmin Green
  • Bill Saylor, Lizzie Balogh, Bruce Bailey
  • Ryan Audet, Allison Brant
  • Stellan Holm, Cecile Le Paire
  • Urs Fischer, Judith Hudson, Clarissa Dalrymple

  • Roger Felberbaum
  • Helen Lee Schifter
  • Natalie Zayne, Angela Kunicky, Maya Singer