Foundation News


June 24th, 2020

A special congratulations to the winner of our

Create Your Own Puppy Contest


Puppy Snack Bags
Mixed media made from snack bags, plastic bags and packing tape
45 x 23 inches


Using the materials of your choice, create your own version of Puppy. Your artwork can take on any form (painting, sculpture, poem, etc.) that expresses your interpretation of this monumental sculpture. Submissions will be judged based on creativity, execution, inventiveness.


This piece is made from recycled materials (snack bags, plastic bags and packing tape). The top part is weaved and the bottom part is loosely hung down. I used various color packing tape to blend the color tone. The random bold and bright colors from snack bags is similar to original flowers on Koons’s Puppy. From far away you will see a mix of colors and texture like brush strokes. If you step closer, you will see details of texts and image on snack bags labels.

Thank you to everybody who participated and helped to make the contest a success! We loved seeing all of your creative takes on Jeff Koons’ Puppy!