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Oscar Tuazon

Interacting with Art
April 27th, 2020

Engaging different methods of construction, Oscar Tuazon frequently uses wood, concrete, glass, steel, and piping to create his structures and installations. His works have roots in minimalism, conceptualism, and architecture, and have a direct relationship with both the site in which they are presented, as well as with their viewer, often through physical engagement.


Joe Bradley, Oscar Tuazon, Michael Williams (The Brant Foundation, Greenwich, CT)

Third Dimension: Works from The Brant Foundation (The Brant Foundation, New York)

The Brant Foundation Loan Program – Oscar Tuazon Water School at MSU Broad


Create a sculptural bird feeder using recycled and natural materials. Start by examining the task (creating a functional bird feeder), then problem solve by brainstorming designs and exploring various materials that can be used to sustain the sculpture’s function. Think about how birds will interact with your sculpture and what role that plays in the lifespan and purpose of your creation.